About Jester Designs

Jester Designs is a bespoke mount design cutting service located in the village of Welton, Lincoln.  This design service is out of the ordinary as it dedicated to the cutting of patterns both ancient and modern.  Inspiration is taken from Arabic, Islamic, Gothic and many other areas of interest including the intricate patterns found in the Alhambra Palace, Spain, those Islamic patterns found in the Mosques of Iran specifically the Imam Mosque Isfahan and not forgetting the Sultan Ahmed Mosque, Istanbul and the many other patterns that enrich the Arab Nations.  Furthermore, my connection with NeoArt Group Russia and the Valiani Master classes I am asked to give at the Moscow International Framing Forum has focused my attention upon Russian designs and the conversion of these shapes and blocks into borders for mounts.  The cutting of these designs employs the use of a Valiani Computerised Mount Cutter(CMC) and its interchangeable head system. In addition, the use of Valiani's MatStylus pen head attachment has widened the horizons by being able to add pen endorsements to the designs but also creating borders to enhance artwork.  The catalyst was for Jester Designs was my interest in and after writing an article for Picture Business on Guercino, a 15th Century Italian Grand Master.  I have developed an interactive presentation on Guercino giving at 'The Collection' Lincoln, in Moscow, and a number of Fine Art Trade Guild Branch Events.  Guercino used a series of lines creating patterns that formed borders around many of his sketches which I enjoyed recreating and then graduating onto counterchanging geometric borders.  My Guercino designs can be found under the heading of Casa Gennari and the Counterchanging Geometric designs under that name.



Harlequin Frames remains my priority bespoke framing service offering quality framing by a fully qualified picture framer with specialisations in Conservation framing and the framing of all types of Embroidery.  As an International speaker Mal is often asked to present on all types of framing specialisms; he is also a fully committed member of the Fine Art Trade Guild and sit on the Court of the Guild and is presently the Chair of the Framers Committee; the Committee that administers the qualification of framers world wide.  Mal, along with John Cooper, are founder members of the Valiani Support Group UK and both regularly demonstrate Valiani CMCs both in the UK and abroad.

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